Thai Ento Food Company Limited

Thai Ento Food Co.,Ltd. is a research and innovation driven company. The company provides complete solutions for a clean and sustainable protein source from insects for food and feed from farm to table. (House crickets, Acheta domesticus, for food and black soldier fly larvae, Hermetia illucens, for feed). Currently, the company focuses on commercializing high quality Sixtein® cricket protein powder for food market. We use high quality crickets from a GAP certified contracted farms to produce Sixtein® superfine cricket protein powder using the company’s proprietary I-sec technology.

Save the World

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) states that with a global population increase to 9.1 billion by 2050. There will be a steady increase in demands of animal protein for food and feed from available agro-ecosystems resulting in a greater strain on the environment.  Edible insects contain highly nutritious protein can contribute to food security with a lower environmental impact than other sources of protein. Commercial production of insects can provide a sustainable source of protein for food and feed.